Title: Temporary View Feat. Sampha
Artist: SBTRKT
Album: Temporary View
Plays: 1945


Electronic producer, Aaron Jerome also known as SBTRKT released a new track called “Temporary View” with his frequent collaborator Sampha. Sbtrkt is also currently working on his new album.


Pam Grier in 1975 film, Sheba, Baby

  • Favorite pastime: Clicking blogs of yt people who got read for filth and seeing "NOT FOUND"


how come i get no kind of inspiration from good looking ppl declaring that they don’t feel the need to adhere to oppressive beauty stabdards


I’m a disabled person, and I also work at the Disability Services Office at a college.

Not very long ago, a professor rushed into our office flustered and angry because

1. She had a blind student in her class.

2. She asked us how we planned to communicate graded papers to her student, since her habit was to write corrections on printed papers.

3. To which we replied, “Just send her an email instead of writing your corrections on the printed paper.”

Her response?

How DARE we burden HER with so much extra work? More about how busy she is. More about how that gives an “unfair advantage”. (???) More on how could we possibly expect her to make such a drastic accommodation, which wasn’t fair to her or her other students.

Our response:

How many emails do you think you send to your sighted students every semester? Dozens? Hundreds? How many classes of 25+ students do your teach every semester? How do you communicate with them?



This problem was entirely created in this professor’s mind by her own assumption that anything a disabled student could need was unacceptable, and a waste of her time.She returned to our office to complain several times over this.

She threw an actual tantrum over something she did for her non-disabled students every single day without even considering it.

Because “everyone knows” disabled people, whatever we might need, that need is too much. It’s a burden on abled people. It’s “unfair to everyone else (read: non-disabled people).

Many disability activists say things along the lines of “our needs aren’t more, just different”. Well, I have to say that even when are needs are the same, they’re still, apparently “too much”.



Black Girls Talking Episode 32

We were delighted to have writer Bim Adewunmi join us for this episode to talk about the cringeworthy Straight Outta Compton casting call; Emmy nominations; Nurse Jackie and women anti-heroes; her Guardian cover story on Assata Shakur and more.

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"It’s a motherfucking walk-off."
Hooboy, I forgot how funny this is.

Never forget.


Chanel Iman at Jason Wu, Spring 2009


Endless list of flawless, favorite WOC (in no particular order): 

Shanola Hampton - [46/x]